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Maku'u Man


Across the street from our home is a petroglyph of unknown date. This common image can represent either a canoe paddler or a warrior. What makes this version unique is the "L" angle to the spear so maybe he's actually a farmer. The second unique characteristic is that only one hand holds the spear. Because there are only a few petroglyphs in the area it is thought this is a burial site of someone important.


To preserve the petroglyph please do not walk on it or take rubbings. Maku'u Man is often covered with pine needles but if you orient yourself to the tree stumps as identified in one of the pictures below you shouldn't have too much trouble locating it. It is best spotted earlier in the morning and even easier if its damp.


One of our renters found another petroglyph right on the cliff's edge. It is Konane, an ancient Hawaiian board game that employed the use of white and black lava stones (sort of like checkers). Please be very careful of the crashing waves if you decide to try and find it. Depending on the lighting it can be hard to spot. Basically it is nearly straight out from Makuu Man and right on the cliff's edge. Again, please be very careful and keep your eyes on the waves.


Rumor has it a third one exists referred to as the "cross". The cross can best be described as four tear drops with the small end of each pointing towards the middle.


The Hawaiian word for these carved images is ki'i pohaku ki'i meaning "image" or "picture" and pohaku meaning "stone." Maku'u means the prow of a canoe or, more specifically "the place you fasten a rope to drag your canoe out to sea". Later the word also came to mean the horn of a saddle. Click here for a some history on the Maku'u area -> OldMaku'u. Click here to read more about the history of Konane and the rules -> Konane.


Click on any of the pictures below to enlarge.

Canoe paddler or warrior?

Please do not step on the glyph

To locate walk towards the lava cliffs and look for the tree stumps

Remember this is a sacred spot

Konane - an ancient Hawaiian board game played on a grid.

Be very careful of the waves when looking for this one. Keep your eye on the ocean.

Sunrise on the game board.

Can you see the petroglypyh Konane in the distance?


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