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Rainbow Falls, Hilo


            Aloha Nui          


East Hawai'i is a fascinating place to visit. It provides a lush landscape, incredible geological sights (a big mahalo to Pele), a wide variety of activities, and a place to rest and rejuvenate. There aren't that many live volcanoes in the world and how many of them can you actually walk around on? In the area are many small farms producing plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits throughout the year. Visiting the various flea\farmers markets can be quite rewarding - just wait until you see the avocadoes - always ripe and the size of a large fist - yum. Papayas too, at 3 for a dollar.


Hawai'i is an amazing place blessed with an important culture and beautiful people. Enjoy your stay and when you return home, please feel free to pack and take with you all of the Aloha you can carry. Be sure to check out the new and improved Exploring East Hawaii page.





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Hawaii Tax IDs: TA-029-234-5856-01, GE-029-234-5856-01


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Sunrise December 10, 2009


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